Apple expected to drop support for 32-bit apps in iOS 11

Based on a pop-up alert that iOS users are seeing with the latest iOS 10.3 beta, Apple will drop support for 32-bit apps on a future version of iOS. The message that accompanies the pop-up is directed to the user of a particular app, stating that the developer of the app will need to update […]

Apple iPad mini 2

DESCRIPTION The iPad mini with Retina Display kicker? That amazing 7.9″ display carries the same resolution as the larger iPad. That’s right, 2048×1536 pixels amounts to 326ppi pixel density, a record feat on a device that is basically all screen. Neither Nexus 7, nor the G Pad 8.3 can match this, but it’s up to […]

Apple iPhone 6s

DESCRIPTION Not much has changed on the surface since the iPhone 6 introduced an updated look with a laminated screen and comfortably round corners. This time around, though, Apple is beating its chest for incorporating Series 7000 aluminum instead of the anodized aluminum it’s been traditionally using. The screen on the iPhone 6s is virtually […]