OnePlus Smartwatch

OnePlus Smartwatch


One image is actually a concept drawing of the OneWatch with many annotations. The notes reveal several key specs, including that the OnePlus smartwatch will have a circular OLED screen covered by sapphire glass, a titanium rim, traditional watch-style button on the side, a leather strap, and Qi charging capabilities. An arrow pointing out from the trap says that the smartwatch will have a curved battery, too.

All in all, it looks a lot like the Moto 360, but the display appears smaller and the overall design is even more watch-like. It appears to be geared toward people with smaller wrists who don’t want a conspicuous smartwatch on their wrist.

It’s unclear what OS the OneWatch will run. OnePlus’ first smartphone famously runs Cyanogen Mod, a custom ROM based off of Android.  The watch could run Android Wear or OnePlus’ own, alternative version of regular Android. Google has expressly forbidden manufacturers from messing around with Android Wear, so altering it with a new UI or skin is out of the question.

Although there’s no word yet on when the OneWatch will be released, the image of the website listing seems to indicate that it could arrive on the scene soon. It might also be a hoax, but either way we’ll keep on the lookout for this device.

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