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New concept of Microsoft Surface Watch


Microsoft, the tech giant is also in the news because of the rumors of their upcoming smartwatch. As per reports, Microsoft’s prototype smartwatch testing project has moved on to its Surface team, which means they are very deeply invested in the project now as the main projects are handled by the Surface Department. The Surface brand tag is currently used for their Laptops, hybrids and PCs, and for long it is being also used for the upcoming rumored Surface Phone which hasn’t become a reality yet. they could launch long rumored Surface Phone along with the expected Surface Smartwatch. Everybody might feel that Microsoft is not anymore in the smartphone and smartwatch market, but to prove everyone wrong and make their mark in this industry they will launch their Surface devices in 2017, which will bring a change in the history of the industry. The specs of the smartwatch are yet to be revealed, but as per strong rumors it will come with an Oxynitride Aluminum body, which will be more harder than regular metal.

Microsoft is actually working on a new wrist device. Several weeks back Microsoft has placed orders for 1.5″ screens as my mobile specification reported but now trusted sources told AmongTech that the smartwatch is already being used as prototype, that the watch’s wrist bands will be available in a variety of colors Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, White and Gray, that it will have removable wrist bands and the outside housing will be made Oxynitride Aluminium, a aluminium that is a 80% transparent material but still 4 times harder than glass. The smart watch has since short gotten its own department and isn’t part of the Xbox team any more.

Our source also confirms that the smartwatch will include a adapted version of Windows 8 and is mostly based on Cloud storage as far as storage goes, however it won’t have to be connected to a smartphone like Google Glass will be, it will have its own 4G LTE and 6GB of internal storage (mostly for the OS). All though it doesn’t have to be contented to a smartphone, it will be able to able to interact with it and show stuff like push notifications or will allow you to change a song.

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